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Velcorin (Dimethyl dicarbonate)
Is an FDA Approved property that is uncompromising against Microorganisms and is a sensible and cost efficient alternative to extensive filtrations.
While Velcorin will not alter wines Bouquet, Taste or Color, It has been proven to
be highly effective against Yeast and moderately effective against certain bacteria.

  • Dosing rate of 12-1500 Gallons per hour
  • Approved buy FDA and TTB
  • Need only nitrogen and basic 110 Voltage for operation
  • Velcorin rapidly breaks down into small amounts of carbon dioxide and methanol.
  • Maximum application of 200 PPM for the life of the wines

Velcorin can remain active for several hours (depending on hydrolysis rate) thereby helping to eliminate contamination from other sources such as bottles, closures and filling equipment.

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