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Sobrante Wine Systems has been servicing the wine industry for over 15 years.  Established in 2002, Sobrante Wine Systems is a dependable and trusted Mobile service throughout California.  Our  staff has been Licensed and certified and have operated the Model Series S Dosing unit for more than a Decade.  

     • Consistent homogenous Velcorin®   


   • Reliable dosing pump with high 


   • Designed for simple and safe 


Our Equipment

This State of the art unit offers  you an all In one solution for cold sterilization and Microbial Control  which will help prevent  Post Bottling Refermentation.  

Our FDA Approved equipment is uncompromising against Microorganisms and is a sensible and cost efficient alternative to extensive filtrations. 

Velcorin will not alter wines Bouquet, Taste or Color. It has been proven to be highly effective against Bacteria as well as these specific Fungi:

Brettanomyces spp (a.k.a. Brett)





Lactobacillus brevis

Kloeckera apiculata

Gluconobacter oxydans

Velcorin can remain active for several hours (depending on hydrolysis rate) thereby helping to eliminate contamination from other sources such as bottles, closures and filling equipment.

Velcorin (Dimethyl dicarbonate)

Velcorin is used in the following applications:

To help prevent refermentation in finished wines.

Wines containing residual sugar are susceptible to fermentation in the bottle which can lead to haze, off-odors, off-flavors and effervescence. Adding Velcorin to wine during bottling can help prevent refermentation. Also, Velcorin can be used to replace or decrease the amount of sorbate which is sometimes used in wines containing residual sugar.

To control spoilage yeast such as Brettanomyces (especially in unfiltered or moderately filtered wines). Brettanomyces is able to metabolize sugars including cellobiose from toasted barrels, leading to the evolution of 4-ethylphenol and other undesirable sensory attributes. In this application, Velcorin can be used either in the cellar or at the time of bottling.

To decrease the amount of sulfur dioxide used in wines. Sulfur dioxide used in combination with Velcorin has been shown to achieve microbial stability at lower overall sulfur dioxide levels.

To reduce warehouse holding time in early-to-market wines. Velcorin can be used to decrease the amount of sulfur dioxide and/or decrease the degree of filtration. These wines undergo speedier sulfur dioxide equilibration and less bottle-shock. They are therefore palatable sooner and can be released earlier.

  • The FDA lists Velcorin as a direct secondary food additive and therefore no labeling is required.


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