About Us

Oakland native Raymond Smith started as a ship joiner in San Francisco before deciding to apply his ingenuity to the wine industry. He moved to Paso Robles, where he built and operated state of the art mobile wine bottling lines. He was eventually inspired to produce his own wines and founded Indigené Cellars in California’s Carmel Valley in 2007.

Retired from the wine bottling business, Raymond continued to provide some service aspects of wine production. The stabilizing agent which is usually applied during wines bottling process is one aspect that he has found a necessity. Because of his portfolio changing to richer more structured wines, many are not fined or filtered and are kept stable by Velcorin application. While more winemakers achieve the effortless transition of big fruit to mid pallet to complex finish, Wines have truly evolved. The Velcorin application gives you more options and avoids the sharp angular notes that are characteristic of sterile filtration.